1.2: Finding Love and Friends

Welcome back, We left off with Kyle trying to find his love and working on his way of job working with gardening and making love. You can see Kyle is now working hard in his garden. His gardening his about level 4. He completed 2 milestones in his aspiration.

kyle working on his garden He saw Taylor Love walking by while cleaning and decide to meet her. Once he did he decide to have her hang out with him. They played a game of chess. He started flirting with her. He asked her to go on a date with him. They did. Though it did not do much. He went home and did what was needed and worked on his garden.

Taylor Love and Kyle talking.Taylor Love: Kyle would you like to go on a Date with Me?

Kyle Jones: Ok

They did go on a date and she choose mumuism and I had not say. (I did not want him to leave Newcreast) This was Taylor choice. I did not take any other photos of this date.This was their first kiss. Kyle and Taylor had their first kiss.

Taylor and Kyle first Kiss (Taylor asked for a date)Kyle decided he wanted to have social party and talk to all his friends. He decide to host a winnie Party once again. He seemed to have had fun. His love Taylor was looking at him. This is once big party that did not go far. The attempt was no fail.

Winnie PartyKyle worked on his gardening the next day. He wanted to see his love some more. He invited her over for the night. They did this on their own after talking and eatting together. She is having her disire.

Taylor and Kyle loveKyle had his own plans.He wanted to jump right in and not lose her.

Kyle: Taylor will you Marry me?

Taylor: How lovely Kyle.. Though I am not ready for this yet.

Kyle: Please Taylor, I love you.

Taylor: No

PosposingI truely feel bad for him. He seem to need to do a something special act with her. He wanted to prove he loved her. He did not know what that was at the moment. Taylor was on her away home. Kyle asked her to stay the night. He really did not want to lose her that night.

Later that night, Kyle tried again.

Kyle: I know you think I really would not want you around. I do love you, I want you to be part of my Legacy and you are my soulmate. Will you marry me Taylor please?

Taylor: She take a look at the ring and decides Yes, Kyle I will marry you.

Kyle: oh good.

Attempt 2Kyle: You are my love of my life. I will take care of you.

Taylor: I love you too. I am a little worried.

Kyle: No worries, I will be there with you and take care of you. Love you to much to lose you.

Taylor: I know. I feel something a little confusing.

Kyle: Taylor, my love – No worries.

Love himTo be Contuined.. What could Taylor worried about?


4 thoughts on “1.2: Finding Love and Friends

  1. “Kyle: Please Taylor, I love you.

    Taylor: No” Lol that was so sad but so funny at the same time the way she was like No.
    Could she be married? Is that what she’s worried about? Do they even do that, get married even if they already are? I think I’ve seen a Let’s play where it happened.
    Did she ask him on a date? I haven’t had that yet, sims have invited mine to birthday parties and to hang out at their home but no dates.


    • Could she be married? – She is single
      She could be worried? – I have seen picture of her before he asked her to marry him, and I miss the screenshot of her fight with herself., It was really funny.
      Did she ask him on a date? Yes she did, He was gardening when she called and asked him on a date. (This has happen before in when i was just playing and learning something with the sims 4.)


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