1.5: Surprise Surprise

Kyle went to work in his garden for the park. He seem content this morning. He working are to get those perfect plants. He seem ready to get this goal finish with. He loves his wife very much. These plants though need to evolve quickly.
07-15-15_1-29 PMTaylor is busy cooking lunch I believe. She cooking while her husband work in the garden.

07-15-15_1-05 PMKyle: We will be moving soon. I am close to finishing my life goal and close to having the building Goal complete with 8 plants. We will leave as soon as I have all the eight perfect plants needed.

Talking about move.Kyle went to work on the sink.

Kyle: I hate messes. This His sink needs fixing to stop this mess in here.

07-15-15_2-24 PMKyle: I am close to finishing up here.

Taylor: That wonderful. Though I think I will win this game.

Kyle: You think so. I think I will win.

Taylor: Oh stop. You seem like you will win every game.

Kyle: oh, come now I am smart.

Taylor just sit there with a face.

07-15-15_2-32 PMKyle is tending the garden. Taylor decides to want to talk with her husband while he works.

07-15-15_3-37 PMLater that night, Kyle decide to make a Platin meal.

07-15-15_4-00 PMKyle: Taylor, not only are you my love. You have become my best friend as well. Let me give you a hug.

Taylor: Oh course you are my best friends and my better half.

07-15-15_4-14 PMKyle and Taylor decided to have another winnie party with their family and friends. Their stepson Russell was their roasting a marshmallow.

07-15-15_4-44 PMTaylor: Kyle, we are expecting our first child together.

Kyle: That great. I hope I get down with this before the baby is born.

07-15-15_7-49 PMKyle had growing a cow plant.

Kyle: Don, I hope you understand. I just had to grow you for my life goal. I need no plant-eating people or family.

Kyle: I am not happy to have grown you.

07-15-15_8-13 PMTaylor now has the baby bump. She is cent and but really hungry.

07-15-15_8-23 PMKyle: When is the baby due.

Taylor: In a couple of days.

Kyle: okay, I will try hurry to get these plants up there.

Taylor: I know you want our family together. I we are close to that point.

Kyle: Yes, I am close to completing this goal.

Tell of the due date in the sims 4Kyle: We will need to clean up and pack some thing in the next couple of weeks.

Taylor: honey it getting there I know. I see you working hard in the garden every morning while I eat breakfast.

Kyle: Our time to pack is coming. We will be united as a family really soon.

Taylor: How far are you in garden?

Kyle: Nine of the Plants are Magnificent, 2 will soon to be Pristine and quite of few are Strub, a few are Excellent.  They are all different stages.

7.40 pmMovingTaylor decided to start cleaning around the house. For she wanted it look nice whenever they left.

07-16-15_7-27 PMTaylor decide to go into labor that morning. Taylor: This pain hurts. Though she did not getting all worried about it.

07-16-15_8-02 PMTaylor gave birth to a little girl. Her name is Alexandra Jones. She was happy with her little girl.

07-16-15_8-08 PMKyle: Hello there, little one. You will not have to keep crying. I will keep you safe.

07-16-15_8-21 PMTo Be Continued.. My legacy will be governed by this rules that will be put in the note below.

Note: Legacy Rule: Paternity (unless all babies are girls), Succession Law: First Born (Oldest Son – If more then one boy) The Succession law can be change at any given time.


2 thoughts on “1.5: Surprise Surprise

  1. Aww their first child! But she can’t be the heir right? They’ll have to keep trying for a son.
    That’s a lot of plants, did you need a certain amount for the first lot? I want a big garden but I don’t like that it takes them a long time to tend the garden and that they have to do it everyday.


    • You need 8 perfect Plants to complete the Building Goal. He need to also complete his aspiration you need to have 10 Excellent plants and a grow a cow-plant and have a Level 10 in Gardening.
      Yes, They need to keep trying. I am hoping that their next baby is a boy. I hope that he gets his 8 Perfect Plants in the next couple of days.


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