1.6: Final Plans

Taylor: I believe I am pregnant again.

Kyle: That wonderful, but did you have to tell me while I am eating.

Taylor: Kyle, This one could be a boy. Are you not happy for me.

Kyle: I am thrilled, I am just bit staved here though.
Taylor telling Kyle that she is pregant againHere is their little girl Alexandra Jones. She sporting a good look. Just need to change her glasses. Alexandra is self assured and a whiz kid.  It’s her first day of school.

07-20-15_1-01 AMTaylor: Hey Russell, You know you have a little sister.

Russell: oh course, you told me after you gave birth to her. How are you?

Taylor: I am good, son but tired. I am pregnant again. How are you son?

Russell: That wonderful. Maybe I will get a little brother. That plan that my stepfather had. His he going to hold to it.

Taylor: Oh course. He working hard to finish this community park. I believe we will be reunited as soon as he can get that finished.

Russell: Good, I would like to  get out from under my older sister.

Taylor: Russell, I got to go, I am a bit tired and hungry.

Taylor talking to RussellAlexandra is doing her homework. She loves studying.

Alexandra doing her homework

Father and daughter take a picture together. They have a bond like no other.

Father and daughter selfieAlexandra: Daddy, I am to move this piece?

Kyle: yes, that the idea.

Kyle teaching her daughter chessTaylor goes into labor. Taylor: Breath in and Breath out. She sure is in a lot of pain. She in pain for about an hour.

Taylor giving birthTaylor gave birth to a baby boy. Welcome little Ashton Jones. He was born in the afternoon.

Baby AshtonAlexandra is a little upset about her new sibling. She sad, she not an only child.

Alexandra: Why I want my daddy and mommy attention and love. I don’t like my little brother.

Alexandra is sad and crying it out.A few hours later, Alexandra when to talk to her baby brother. You know little brother, I am not really happy to have you. You need diaper changing and not that.

Alexandra meeting her baby brotherKyle: You my little man, are going to be something special. Ashton, you have a older brother and two older sisters. Though you will go places in this world. You have lots of people that love you.

Kyle holding his son Ashton Kyle: My little plants. You are all now perfect. You will tended to and shared with many people.

Kyle: Taylor, we are able to move in the morning hours. We will now be able to reunite with your children.

Taylor: Wonderful. What are you going to do with is garden?

Kyle: I will make it into a family community park and left these plants there.

Kyle finishes gardening and geting all 8 plants

Kyle has completed his aspiration and building goal of 8 perfect plants.

Note: He has completed the goal and the park will be uploaded to the gallery.


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