2.0: Family Reunion

Here is the house for the family. it a starter home. I am still learning how to do it better. This is the house with some furnings in it. It a 2 bedroom, 1 bath home. It have the basics and will be adding new things has the children get bigger.
A starter home

Alexandra is doing homework. Her grades are improving. She is working with it.
Alexandera workingon her homeworkKyle is cooking breakfast. He making scramble eggs.
Kyle is cooking a breafeastKyle stepdaughter Courtney, came over have her mother called her and invited. Kyle goes meet her and talk.

Kyle: Hello Courtney, How are you?

Courtney: Hello, good. And how are you.

Kyle: I am good. You want see your little brother or sister. What your job?

Courtney: No, thanks. I work in the medical center.

Kyle:  We would allow you to move in if you want. Your brother, Russell will moving soon.

Courtney: No thanks. That fine.

Kyle: Nice to meet you.

Courtney: Nice to meet you.
Kyle meets his step daughter CourtneyKyle decided on a new aspiration. He wanted to be outdoors. So he wanted to be close to home while fishing. He decided on the fishing and be an Fishing Ace.
07-20-15_9-58 AMRussell was moved in later that afternoon. It look liked Courtney would be happy. Though for Kyle to be finished with is generation and his son would be taking care of that. It be a bit of time before his son would take over. Russel is a Party Animal, He seems to meet his little brother Ashton. Kyle decided that Russell get a job to help out.
Russell meeting his little brotherRussell went to take a care of his little brother Ashton. He seems okay with it. Though with the bedroom being shared with his little sister Alexandra and Ashton. He not getting much sleep or is Russell.
Russell taking care of his little brotherRussell decided to go outside for a bit. He ran into Branden. He started up with introduction to him. Branden seem happy to have meet him
Russell meeting BrendenRussel seem to be introducing himself to to Megan Thompson and a Lori Edward. He seem to charming them all. Though he making friends in the town.
Russell meeting Megan Tompson and Lori and Brenden

Upcoming with more. Please leave me comments I would love them and share if you like. I respond to all.


4 thoughts on “2.0: Family Reunion

    • I do not know, She never went into the house. Though she was invited by her mother to come over. Her step father did introduce himself. She just hung around the house on the outside.


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