2.1: Family time and Friends

It’s looks like a chess torment between the two of them. Russell seem like he wants to bet his stepfather. Kyle just watches his stepson make his move.

Kyle: Russell, my son has goal when grow up.

Russell: Look, he still a baby. Let him decide what he wants.

Kyle: Russell, I know this may seem strange. There are no homes here. We are to bring people here to live. Though at the moment, My son can not do anything. When he gets older, I will let him know about this leagacy.

Russell: Kyle, give it a break. I want to just play game of chess and beat you.
Russell playing chess with Kyle Alexandra invites Ryan Price over after school. Alexandra is tried so much that she goes in and goes to sleep.

Alexandra invites Ryan Price OverAshton turns from a baby to child. He got the trait of Music Lover and child aspiration of Artistic Prodigy. He sure got some different from his older sister.

Ashton as a childAlexandra: I can not take it.

She so tense she goes and tries to calm down.

Alexandra: I do not like sharing a bedroom with my brothers.

Trying to clam down Kyle: There once was a princess. Her name was Alex. She meet up with a dragon. This dragon name was Leon.

Alexandra Daddy, your funny.

Kyle: Am i now. The Dragon wanted a friend. Alex thinks about this.

Alexandra: Why he want a friend, daddy?

Kyle: Maybe he knew this princess wanted a friend. Leon came every night and wait for the princess to decide if she wanted him as a friend.

Daddy reading her a story Ashton, was drawing pictures. He looks like he would cry.

Ashton drawing picturesThe next day the family decided to go fishing. They seem to be bonding a bit. They all fished the afternoon away.

Kyle and Taylor fishing with Ashton their sonAll but Russell. He want about introducting himself to two towines that were at the park.

Russell meeting two more people at the fishing pondTaylor seem to have caught something. Taylor: I can not seem to stay on my feet. I really feel dizzy all of the sudden. She decided to head back home. She wanted to let the illness to run it course.

Taylor got illness which is Dizzyness Later that day, when Ashton came back from fishing. Russell wanted to give his little brother a hug.

Russell: You are my little brother. I would love to keep you as a friend as well. i love you little man.

Ashton: I love you too big brother. I want to build you a starter house when I get holder.

Russell: You do not need to do that. Where did you get that idea to want to build stater houses? Did you your daddy tell you that, Ashton?

Ashton: No, one told me anything. I just want to do it. I like to draw and building will be fun to do.

Russell: Just be kid while you can. I love you.

Russell gives his little brother a hugAlexandra: Ryan, What it like in Willow Creek?

Ryan: It alright, I enjoy your family.

Alexandra: There not any houses here or children.

Ryan: It okay, Could be better.

Alexandra: Well, I rather you live here.  This neighborhood is best but was it like over in Willow Creek. Tell me what it like Ryan?

Alexandra talking to RyanRussell meets a feiend who asked to come over. Russell: What up with you. I like you and your hat.

Russell meet his friendTaylor: There this cime going on. He is breaking into houses and so many other things. He is steeling things from people.

Alexandra: Why mommy, He seem to be bad.

Taylor: Yes, he bad. He seem to be doing all the time.

Alexandra: Who this man or boy doing it in the story?

Taylor: It always a story honey.

Reading to daughterTo be continued..  Is Taylor giving information about Willow Creek to her daughter or is she trying to protecting her daughter?  Your more then welcome to leave comments.


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