2.2: Parenting and Daily Life

Welcome to the remodeled family home for the Jones Legacy. It may still look a bit off. Though I think i am getting a bit better. It quite night in the home. It really was a bit big, It now about right for them.
The Jones Family HomeMost of the family is siting together that kitchen table.

Russell: Ashton, why the mean look.

Ashton is eye his father.

Kyle: Alexandra, what kinda birthday cake and party you want.

Alexandra: Daddy: I want a blue icing and I want it outdoors at the park. Can that happen.

Kyle: I can try. It will be while.
Family gather for dinnerKyle an Taylor spent some time alone at the pond while the children were in school. Russell was at work.
Kyle and Taylor fishing
A few days later, Ashton was crying out to Drango. Ashton was enjoying playing him. He seem to enjoy his company. Ashton had a bad day at school. He was bummed out when arrived home.
Ash was Crying it outTaylor: Ashton, make sure you should now that our family is gifted. Though our family history is a bit unknown.

Ashton: Mom, this homework is about our family tree not our family history.

Taylor: Then you should now, I was an only child. My mother did not say much and your father has not told me much about his side of the family.

Ashton: Thanks mom I am done with it. This also has math work in it.

Taylor: Fine, finish it up and ask your father the rest of this homework stuff.

Ashton: I completed it mom. Night mom.
Taylor helping Ashton with his homeworkAshton working on violin skill. He enjoy his certified and loves drawing.

Ashton: I love the sound of the music.
Ashton playing the ViolinCourtney decide to come over. Kyle meet her outside.

Kyle: Hello Courtney.

Courtney: Hello. How are you.

Kyle: I am good. What about you.

Courtney: okay.

Kyle: How work and your day.

Courtney: works fine. It little bad.

Kyle: okay. You here to see  your siblings and mother.

Courtney: I came to see you and Mom.

Kyle: okay, well you can come in.

Courtney: Thanks, What with you and trying get be my father.
Kyle and Courney
Kyle: Courtney, I am not taking over as your dad. You had no right to insult me. I will care about you and your brother and also your mother. I love her with my whole heart. I am not going to take your father place though I do not know your father and your mother never said anything about you having a father. I knew see was a single mother when see met me. I wanted you all to live with me.

Courtney: Whatever, you decide to leave me behind and not talk to me.

Kyle: Courtney, I know you seem angry at something it not me. But if it is. I offered you a place to stay and live with us. You mother was worried about you and your brother, Russell.

Kyle: I do not need to be insulted about what do for a living. I can garden and also can cook just about anything. You have no right to tell me what you do. I love you as my own. I know you are grown you need to watch me. I will alwaly allow you to come here and stay or live here if you choose to want to.
Kyle looks to be parenting his stepdaughterCourtney: Hey mom, How it going.

Taylor: It going good, baby girl. Whats up.

Courtney: Just came by to talk.

Taylor: okay, I will talk to in bit. Let me clean this food up first.
Courny and her mom talkingTaylor: What is that you want to talk to me about?

Courtney: You enjoy it here, mom?

Taylor: I really enjoy it here. I love your stepfather to no end. He show his love to you and your brothers and sister. You can also come and live with us until  you find a place. Your sister would have enjoy having around the house.

Courtney: I am okay. I work and I will be fine. She will be okay.

Taylor: You come here often as it is. Why not stay and move in to the neighborhood.

Courtney: I really  do not think that will work. There are no homes.

Taylor: Their will be soon. Your brother, Ashton been talking about building houses.

Courtney: Really, Mom

Taylor: Yes, He might build you a house or even have you your brother on a lot together with separate houses.
Taylor and Courny TalkingTwo nights later, it was Alexandra birthday.  She had a party at the park. Though it seem it was a little late and crowded for it work out. Here is her cake she ask for. She blew out her candles.
Alexandra BirthdayOver the weekend, Ashton worked on the violin. He is now a Artistic Prodigy. He is creativity gifted.
Ashton is creativity giftedI will let show you Alexandra as a teen in the next chapter and what will Ashton do? Courtney seem content to come and go? Your comments are welcome and I enjoy reading them and replying back.


2 thoughts on “2.2: Parenting and Daily Life

    • No, She does not. She sometime calls and ask to come over and visit, She did it again a short while. I hope to move her into the house or that Ashton decides to build a duplex. I like her little brother to meet her.


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