Skill Guide

Here i will tell you all about the skills that are in the Sims 4 games. There are quite a few of them. Including skill that are different for children. I will add them here as well.

Sims learn skills to do thing in their day to day life. There are quite a few of them. Some are things like cooking a meal or dinner. It was build the skill up. If you sim decide to want to build a Rocketship well doing so will increase that skill. This is also for many of the other skills. Sims will experience an emotion with that skill.


Charisma affects how well other Sims respond to social interactions. Sims with high Charisma will make and keep friends faster, and is useful for anyone who has a Popularity-type Aspiration, though its impact with romantic-type interactions is a little lessened. Charisma is automatically gained from doing medium-level social interactions or by having the Sim practice speeches in front of a mirror.


Comedy affects how well other Sims respond specifically to any Funny-type social interactions. Sims with high Comedy will almost always succeed with their jokes, and will gain bigger relationship boosts from doing so. Comedy is automatically gained from using Funny-type interactions, but it can also be worked on at the computer if the Sim wants to write some comedy routines.


Cooking affects how well the Sim cooks meals. Sims with low Cooking have a chance of burning down the kitchen (and possibly themselves), and may have negative moodlets attached to their meals even if their equipment was good. Sims with high Cooking cook better meals with positive moodlets, and their meals better satisfy the Hunger need. Cooking is worked on just by cooking meals, though it can also be raised (albeit a little more slowly) by watching the Cooking Channel on any television. All Sims should have at least a few levels of Cooking so they can care for themselves without burning down the house.


Fishing affects the accuracy of whether the Sim fishes anything up, and how big and rare the fish is. The skill is gained by fishing at any designated spot around the neighborhood; most lots have at least one spot in their backyard, and the park has several spots.


Fitness does not have any direct effect on the Sim’s life. It’s gained by working out, and the quality of the workout affects the speed of gain. Working out on exercise equipment is the best, jogging and working out on the floor are below that, and reading about it is the slowest of all. Fitness can be gained without additional equipment, since you can click almost any spot on the floor and do a quick workout. However, reading about Fitness can help gain the skill when the Sim is too sore or uncomfortable to actually work out, or for Sims with the Lazy Trait who can’t workout for long before getting too fatigued.


Gardening affects the quality of plants that grow when a Sim plants seeds, and how well they can be taken care of. Sims generally will unlock the trait by harvesting plants, of which there are always many near every lot. Once harvested, the seeds can be planted in planters; the act of planting, caring for, and harvesting any plant will increase the Gardening skill.

Gourmet Cooking

Gourmet Cooking is an extension of Cooking. Gourmet meals are more expensive and take longer to cook, but satisfy the Hunger need better. Gourmet Cooking is automatically unlocked when a Sim reaches Cooking Level 5, but otherwise they will operate independently; cooking a gourmet meal is in fact a separate command when interacting with appliances. Note that gourmet cooking is generally not required for most Sims; when mere survival is all you care about, just the normal Cooking skill is good enough.


Guitar affects the quality of music the Sim makes when playing a guitar, which can help moodlets for any listeners. The lowest-quality guitar is §600, which is more expensive than the cheapest violin but cheaper than the cheapest piano.


Handiness affects how quickly your Sim fixes broken appliances. Sims with high Handiness can also perform upgrades on appliances as well to make them better; almost every plumbing object in the game can be upgraded to break less often, which is incredibly important. Handiness also affects the speed, quality, and value of any items created on workshop table. Parts to upgrade objects are salvaged from repairs, and you can also buy parts via a computer.


Logic has few isolated uses. Sims with high Logic tend to win more games against other Sims, which has limited use. However, Sims with high Logic also gain all skills faster. If you have aging off and want to play efficiently, have your Sim learn Logic before doing any concentrated study in anything else. Logic can be increased by playing chess.


Mischief affects the impact of any Mischief-type social interactions. Sims with high Mischief are usually able to get away with those social interactions without too many losses on relationship meters. It’s gained automatically from doing those social interactions, though be prepared to not have too many friends as you do.


Mixology affects the quality of drinks you can make at a bar. It’s hard to “fail” at making a drink like you can while making a meal (you can’t burn down the bar, as cool as that would be!), but better drinks lead to better moodlets for those who drink them. The cheapest bar costs §700, though it takes up a lot of space at 2×4 tiles. A better option may be the next one up at §800, which is only 2×2 tiles.


Painting affects the speed, quality, and value of any visual art created by the Sim. High Painting increases the chance the art will be a “masterpiece” and sell for significantly more, and it will be appreciated by other Sims, especially those with the Art Lover Trait. Painting goes up the fastest while painting at an easel, but be warned that canvases cost money. It doesn’t take long for a finished painting to be sold for a profit, but in the very early days of a Generation 1 Sim, you’ll need to be careful with the hidden cost.


Piano affects the quality of music the Sim plays at the instrument, which helps listeners. Pianos are the most expensive and physically largest instruments, costing §1450 and taking up 2×3 tiles. It’s likely cost-prohibitive with Generation 1 Sims in the early days.


Programming allows the Sim to program game mods, web plugins, and do some freelance work on computers. Playing a game you modded will increase the Fun need faster and apply a special moodlet, while doing web plugins and freelance work can be pretty lucrative. Programming is learned simply by doing it or practicing it on a computer.

Rocket Science

Rocket Science allows the Sim to work with and fly rockets, which themselves have a host of additional interactions. With high Rocket Science, it’s possible for a Sim to give another a ride in a rocket and even Woo Hoo up in space, which brings along an Achievement. Rockets are incredibly expensive to buy, with the cheapest being §5000, so skill books are the way to go until you can afford it. Generally speaking, Rocket Science will not be necessary for Sims who are not pursuing a Career as an Astronaut. Sims who pursue the Knowledge Aspiration will need some Rocket Science regardless of their career choice.

Video Gaming

Video Gaming allows the Sim to play more games, and play them better. Starting at Level 3, Sims can enter tournaments via a computer, and high Video Gaming skill will lead to better results. Although Video Gaming does not require Programming or vice vesa, they often go hand-in-hand, especially since programmers can mod the games and make them more fun. Video Gaming increases by playing games, which can be done on the computer, on the phone, or with gaming mats, although the cheapest gaming mat is §4500.


Violin allows the Sim to excel at playing the instrument, improving the moodlets for any nearby listeners. The cheapest violin is only §450, making it the least expensive instrument.


Writing allows the Sim to write books and stories, submit them to publishers, and collect weekly royalty fees. If a Sim writes a lot of books, it’s possible that writing can be an Unconventional Career, as the weekly royalty fees can beat most conventional Career wages. The best way to improve writing is to do it, and you can write at computers. If you wish to pursue writing immediately as a Generation 1 Sim, he can write at the library until he can afford a computer of his own.


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